About Us

We founded Virtuxplorer in 2015 with the purpose of building a cloud-based software platform that would leverage the amazing capabilities and potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) by allowing users from anywhere in the world, trained or not, to pilot these amazing devices and be able to take full advantage of a new range of possibilities without leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

Our platform has geared an amazing interest and positive reviews from varied industries including Farming, Property Appraising, Insurance, Law Enforcement, Surveillance, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism, Entertainment, among other. Everyday, more companies realize the benefits of using our technology: Remote Reality.

Users without training on piloting unmanned aerial vehicles can log online into Virtuxplorer using an internet-connected device (pc, Mac, mobile, tablet, etc.), browse for either their own or made-available-for-rent drones and fly! Our technology does the rest! It does not matter where the drones are physically located, Virtuxplorer technology ensures the drones are crash-proof, avoid conflict zones, remain within pre-defined boundaries, and streams the experience to your device in high resolution. Our platform latency is almost zero, you can customize buttons for function/device-specific functions while flying, take snapshots and record your experience. You never deal with the hassle of physically manipulating hardware or understand the complexities of droning technology.

With the proliferation of sophisticated and reliable drone hardware, Virtuxplorer has made possible to remotely pilot multiple drones, and take advantage of their monitoring capabilities, at a very low cost. You pay for what you use.

We are a passionate team of software developers, drone pilots, entrepreneurs and seasoned industry-specific experts who have joined efforts to bring this innovative solution to the market and help companies boost their current monitoring capabilities by transforming them into fully digital, IoT-ready, Cloud-based solutions.

If you are ready to move into the next level, contact us to help you get there.

Imagine a place, imagine a dream, now tell me... because you will make it come true with Virtuxplorer.